The Golden Star

A Mystic Crescendo in Twelve Visions

By J Michaud PhD


Aptly described as “A BOOK FOR INITIATES”, The Golden Star expounds the most ADVANCED OCCULT TEACHINGS, never before revealed to the public, yet in such a fascinating manner as to hold and extend the interest of the novice.

A word to the WISE Reader

This book is written in the form of a story, in which two Egyptian pilgrims, Ma-u and Ma-uti, are conducted through the higher and lower planes by Neteru-Hem, a Messenger from the Divine. During their journey they are gradually introduced to the true laws and principles of the Universe. These laws and principles, and the occult facts and data revealed in the book cannot be understood by idly browsing a few random pages, or jumping from chapter to chapter. One might as well hope to comprehend the complex allegories of Shakespeare's plays by flicking through a copy of Hamlet. The result in either case will be mental indigestion at best, leaving the reader as much in the dark as ever.

For this reason, it is essential that you read the book carefully from the beginning to the end if you wish to PERSONALLY benefit from the advanced occult teachings it expounds.

The Author divides his mystic crescendo into twelve visions or chapters, which are typified not merely as levels of consciousness but also as states of matter above and below the level of our normal, waking consciousness and material thinking. Ma-u and Ma-uti, the pair of Egyptian pilgrims who are destined to go so far under the guidance of Neteru-hem, the Divine Messenger, are shadowy figures as human characters; but they represent more than the ideal companionship which is occasionally possible in this life, more even than that equilibration of reason and emotion which is so rarely attained here; for their journey through the unseen and largely unknown realms of higher consciousness constitute a pictorial view of the stages by which the Alchemical Marriage is perfected under the watchful guidance of the Higher Self.

There has never been a time when the great Wisdom contained in The Golden Star was more vitally needed than today. As the Divine Messenger himself says in this book: “It is most necessary that the true Teachings shall again be spread among mankind.”

An announcement for GENUINE seekers only

In Vision 7, page 7, the author refers to the establishment of a truly Great Occult Order in Great Britain in 1940. If, after having read and studied this book, you feel you are ready and worthy to learn the Sublime Occult Mysteries taught by this Order, you can read more about them at: Ancient Mystery Teachings

Author’s Note

by J Michaud PhD

All the facts and data, as related by the Divine Messenger in this Book, are in accordance with the most ADVANCED OCCULT TEACHINGS, from the remotest times of antiquity until to-day. They are not figments of the Author’s imagination, but rest on the solid basis of the Ancient Wisdom, gathered together over periods of untold thousands of years, which the profound learning of all the greatest Teachers, aided by Divine Inspiration, has been able to record for our minds to dwell on; so that our hearts and Souls shall bow in adoration to the Incomprehensible Highest All-Father-All-Mother, and the Holy Angels, Princes of Light, and their Sacred Ministers of the Celestial Spheres.

Several of the sayings of Neteru-Hem are based on parts of the Secret Doctrine, that great collection of ancient words of wisdom, so patiently assembled by Madame Blavatsky, to whom the world of Western Occultism owes a debt so great that it can never be repaid—except with deepest respect and gratitude for the wonderful Service she has rendered to Mankind.

The Author has essayed the almost impossible task of giving the name of every Sage whose words have been quoted; but to supply a complete list would turn this book into a catalogue! He therefore craves your indulgence in this and all the rest.

It will be noted that the style of writing varies considerably throughout the book. There is a definite Occult reason for this, which will be understood by the discerning reader.


This Book is dedicated in deepest gratitude by Ma-u and Ma-uti
to Neteru-Hem—the Divine Messenger
Commenced January 30th, 1939. Finished September 23rd, 1939.
The names of the three principal characters in this story should be pronounced as follows:
Neteru-Hem — Net’roo Hém; the accent on the last syllable.
Ma-u — Mah-oo.
Ma-uti — Mah-oo-tee.