The Golden Star


Cosmic Consciousness


Oh, Inscrutable Father–Mother God,
And Holy Soul of Hermes:
Crown the Doer of Right.
*       *       *
Within the dreaming Wells of Consciousness
Lie hid the mighty Truths of unknown God.
Behind the Veils, material and dense,
Dwell many Holy Wonders
Of greatest Power, Beauty, Wisdom, Love:
Divinest Magic of a vibrant Life
In endless Bliss;
So full of Witchery and Deep Delight.
*       *       *
And when the Heart of Man awakes,
The Heavens open wide.
The Veil is torn, the Mind is raised
And sails away on fervid Wings . . .
Or swoons in Ecstasy.
*       *       *
The Music of the Spheres behind the Veil
Brings Visions too Divine to tell.
Its melodies ring out Within
With sounds of Minstrelsy and Rhapsody:
In descant of REMEMBRANCE.
*       *       *
The very Air perfumed with Glory
Of that great Song of Songs;
The like of which was never heard
In World of Phantoms down below.
*       *       *
A Symphony Celestial, so wonderful;
A benison so rare: that all the Soul
Does thrill with mystic glow.
*       *       *
And once that Sacred Song is heard:
The rest is nought but emptiness.
As if a Holy Shrine
Forsaken in the Desert lies;
Its lustrous consecrated Radiance
Seems lost for Aye.
*       *       *
And only Longing fills the Mind and Soul
For swift return to Realms Empyreal
So far away, and yet so near, that Kingdom;
Fragrant with Beatitudes, and Blessings.

“And thus,” said the Messenger, “are all Memories of the Splendours of Time and Space retained within the Soul; and we need only one sip from the Cup of Life—the real Life—in order to awaken the old Visions and Experiences, and give them form and shape once more.”

His voice sounded to Ma-u and Ma-uti as if it came from a far distance, or as the voice we dimly hear in dreams at times. It seemed to them as if they were still suspended in Space without visible bodies, but the awesome spectacle they had seen was fading, and both felt as if they were in the half-bemused state between sleeping and awakening . . .

Suddenly their normal sight came back to them and to their utter surprise they found they were still standing in front of the Holy Well, the cups—which apparently they had just drained—still in their hands, and the two Guardians of the Well and Neteru-Hem smilingly looking at them.

“How did we get back here again?” exclaimed Ma-uti.

“You two have never left this place,” said the Messenger, as Ma-u and Ma-uti handed back the cups.

“You have just drunk from the Waters of Memory and Revelation, and this has brought back some of the recollections of the past—even before you first took human shape on earth.”

“But what about the lectures we have attended, and the teachers there, especially the one with the marvellous aura?” asked Ma-u.

“These are memories of lectures you attended in the past, my children,” said the Messenger.

“But it was all so real, and the Temples we went into with you were just the same as those we saw here when we first arrived,” said Ma-uti.

“Have I not told you that there is no change, and that all things are here for ever, and that there is no decay or death in these regions?” asked Neteru-Hem.

The pair looked still so bewildered that the two Guardians and Neteru-Hem burst out in joyous laughter.

“It means that you both have perfect memories of all that happened in your previous lives, and also of the events in the Astral Regions where you lived in between these incarnations. Did I not tell you at the very beginning that your ‘Shell’ was wearing thin? Although your objective memory may not always be able to recall the happenings of past lives and rests, the Soul is fully conscious of them. When the Mind has also acquired the ability of looking back into the far away past, then you have attained ‘Cosmic Consciousness,’ for these memories will help you to raise the Veil which conceals Divine Truth. Until you can do so you are as blind as the rest of humanity who think that the shadow, or reflection, is the real and actual thing; the world and all that is in and around it being but shadows or reflections. But the actuality beyond the Veil is forever hidden from those who have not reached that Cosmic Consciousness.”

“But,” argued Ma-u, “how can we have heard these lectures in the past? Some of the references to modern science in them were quite up-to-date, and according to the very latest discoveries!”

“There is no such thing as an ‘up-to-date’ Truth,” replied Neteru-Hem. “Truth is eternal and always was, is, and will be Truth, whether human beings realize it as such or not. This applies also to ‘modern’ science and ‘modern’ discoveries!

“When I use the term ‘Cosmic Consciousness,’ I may refer to the Consciousness of the Kosmos Itself, which is God, or to the human consciousness of Cosmic Truth—which is also God. If a human has this Cosmic Consciousness he is aware of all things and conditions at the same time. He knows past, present, and future, and they are ONE! The lectures you both heard may have been a blend of all past, present and future lectures; given here or elsewhere. All is contained within the Consciousness of God, and therefore in the Soul of Man. If his Mind knows how to raise the Veil, or is helped to do so, he can attune with that Consciousness of God and Man. Once he has raised the Veil and beheld the interior of the Temple Within, he has established an everlasting connection between his outer and his inner Consciousness. At that divine moment he has contacted Truth, and he can never forget it nor deny its existence, nor obliterate it from his outer or inner memory.

“And it is of the utmost importance for Man to make this Holy contact, for as he realizes spiritual Truth when in the flesh, so he will take this realization with him when he dwells in the Astral Worlds, or beyond, between his earthly incarnations. This realization is all he can take with him when he leaves the shackles of the earthly body, for all the rest perishes or dissolves like shadows—being only Illusion, and false, and without actual existence.

“This realization of Truth he can attain by contemplation and meditation; withdrawing from the outer world and going within; by leaving—in spirit—the lower regions and ascending to the higher; by turning his back upon the shadows and focusing his inner sight upon the Light.

“There can be no Religion more true or just than to know the things that ARE; and to acknowledge thanks for all things to Him Who made them.

“True Piety and Religion are the best and highest Philosophy one can ever attain, and without these it is impossible to attain Cosmic Consciousness, which is a realization of the Intelligence existing beyond the mind of man. Only when Man knows the great Truths which lie concealed there will he be able to explain the immediate mysteries of his environment on earth. He will become ‘immersed in God’ and have a perception of the Universal Presence.