The Golden Star


The Astral Fire

“And what denote the other tints and shades, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-uti.

“Every tint and shade influences the psychic centres of man in some way or another, but it is impossible to explain them all to you now. The colours in the aura tell you the disposition of a man, in the same way as they disclose his state of consciousness. If you see flashes of deep red on a dark ground in the aura it means that the person in question is violently angry. A lurid, sanguinary red denotes sensuality. Brilliant scarlet on the background of the aura shows noble indignation.

“Red excites the nervous centres and is detrimental to people who suffer from nervous complaints; but beneficial to those who are depressed, or suffer from melancholia. Red is also a tonic or stimulant in cases of physical or mental exhaustion, if ultraviolet rays are used afterwards in order to stabilize and increase the effects of the red rays.

“A dull, rusty-brown shade in the aura shows avarice; brown-grey, selfishness; leaden-grey, depression; livid grey, fear. Brown rays increase the blood formation.

“Violet rays stimulate the higher brain centres and are useful in the cure of epilepsy. Deep violet and mauve calm and steady the whole of the nervous system and the nerve centres; and ultraviolet in the aura denotes that the man has reached a high state of purity and spirituality.

“The seven Rays are further connected with the days of the week and the planets. The first with Sunday and the Sun; the second with Jupiter and Thursday; the third with Saturday and Saturn; the fourth with Wednesday and Mercury; the fifth with Friday and Venus; the sixth with Tuesday and Mars; and the seventh with Monday and the Moon.

“The relations of the Rays with the human psychic centres are as follows: the first ray with the top of the head; the second ray with the head-centre between the eyebrows; the third ray with the throat; the fourth ray with the heart; the fifth ray with the solar plexus; the sixth ray with the sacral-centre; and the seventh ray with the base of the spine.

“There are two more important connections of the Rays with the human body:

“The first ray’s instrument of sensation is the light of Kundalini and its bodily location is in the vital airs of the brain. The second ray's location is likewise in the ears, speech and the Word; its location is in the heart. The third uses the nervous system and is located in the centres of the spine. The fourth’s instrument of sensation is sight; it is located in the eyes. The fifth—consciousness—is located in the brain. The sixth—the organs of speech; centred in the tongue and throat muscles. The seventh—the sense of smell; located in the nose.

“Finally, the first ray governs the Logoic or Divine Plane: the second governs the monadic plane; the third governs the Ātmic, or Spiritual Worlds; the fourth governs the Buddhic, or intuitional; the fifth governs the lower mental; the sixth the Astral, or emotional desires; and the seventh governs the material plane or world.

“And now, my children, follow me,” said the Messenger. Turning away from the fiery Ocean with regret the two followed Neteru-Hem, who turned presently into a marvellous avenue, with chestnut trees laden with crimson blossoms on both sides of the roadway. As far as the eye could reach this avenue stretched away into the far distance. The path was covered thickly with glowing flowerets which had fallen from the upright candles with which the branches were laden in great profusion.

Ma-u and Ma-uti beheld this wonderful sight with admiration, but after a few moments the latter turned to Neteru-Hem and asked: “You told us that here nothing ever dies; if that is so, why is it that there is such a thick carpet of fallen petals, which surely must die or fade away in time?”

“These petals, my daughter, will never die. They have been here for untold thousands of years already, and each day more are added; whilst the clusters on the trees are continuously completed with fresh blossoms. This avenue itself continues in a huge circle all round these regions; this circle is so large that it seems as if the double line of trees is placed along a perfectly straight highway which never turns to form a circle; and it were impossible to say how many trillions of petals cover the path.”

“But what is the reason for this?” asked Ma-u.

“Each petal you see here, my children, enshrines a loving thought, a beautiful verse, a great inspiration, an unselfish action, or a willing service performed by a human being who has no thought of reward. Every time such a thought or action occurs a petal falls and is added to this treasure-store; mute but everlasting testimonials of all that is good and kind and fine. Akâshic records such as no man has ever dreamed of—there they lie—riches stored up in Heaven, as it were.

“Proceed along this path, and have no fear of hurting the petals; for good deeds can never be destroyed.”

They walked along that lane of glory, and on each side of the path were beautiful arbours and bowers, placed at short distances from each other between the trees; inviting to rest among their sweet arborescent beauties.

At last they entered one of these shady recesses wherein a huge shining white cypress overshadowed a well of rosy marble. Two beautiful maidens sat beside it and smiled a loving welcome to the Messenger and his guests. They looked like visions of celestial beings, with gold-blonde locks that shone around their heads like aureoles, and eyes like the velvet of blue violas, yet clear and translucent as the azure of heaven.

White ceremonial robes they wore, with golden threads, and embroidered with strange symbols; and when they spoke their voices rang like golden bells; clear and sweet.

“This is the Holy Well of Memory and Revelation, and these maidens are its guardians,” said Neteru-Hem.

“The Sons of Earth and Starry Heaven come here to slake their thirst. Full it is of clear and sparkling living water, that shines and bubbles with life and looks as if it is made of liquid diamonds. Who drinks from this but once shall never thirst again in all Eternity, and all his longings shall be satisfied. The caves of Memory will open wide and all their treasures of lost love and beauty shall come forth and blaze in Royal Splendour. And all that has been hidden shall again be manifest in great refulgence; beaming bright in gorgeousness and grand magnificence; supernal and Divine.”

So spake the Messenger, and, at his beck, the maidens took two silver vessels, in shape like unto Holy Grails, and filled them with the flashing, foaming liquid, glowing with deep golden hues within the cups, and handed them to Ma-u and Ma-uti.

“Drink, my children,” commanded Neteru-Hem; and they quenched their thirst; and, looking upwards to the lustrous firmament they saw, shining against the orient sky, a gleaming golden Cross that reached into the Heavens and stretched its arms as if in welcome to the wanderer who longs for Home and Rest and Peace; which only God can grant.