The Golden Star



“Matter is eternal also, becoming atomic only periodically. When talking about the Gods—the emanations from the One Logos—we must not confuse the purely metaphysical personifications of the abstract attributes of Deity with their reflections, the Sidereal Gods. These reflections are in reality the objective expressions of the abstractions; living Entities, and the models formed on the Divine Prototype. Deity is not God. It is NO-thing, and Darkness to Man. The Highest God, the Unmanifested Logos, is Its Son.

“In Irenaeus' polemic Against Heresies, he quotes Marcus, the chief of the Marcosians, who flourished in the middle of the second century, as having taught: ‘When first its Father [that is: of the Tetrad] . . . the Inconceivable, the Beingless, Sexless, desired that Its Ineffable [the First Logos] should be born, and Its Invisible should be clothed with form, Its mouth opened and uttered the Word like unto Itself. This Word [or Logos] standing near showed It what It was, manifesting itself in the form of the Invisible One. Now the uttering of the [Ineffable] Name [through the Word] came to pass in this manner. It [the Supreme Deity] uttered the first Word of its Name . . . which was a combination [or syllable] of four elements [letters]. Then the second combination was added, also of four elements. Then the third composed of ten elements; and after this the fourth was uttered, which contained twelve elements. The utterance of the whole Name consisted thus of thirty elements and of four combinations. Each element has its own letters and peculiar character, and pronunciation, and groupings and similitudes; but none of them perceives the form of that of which it is the element, nor understands the utterance of its neighbour, but, what each sounds forth itself, as sounding forth all [it can], that it thinks good to call the whole . . . And these sounds are they which manifest in form the Beingless and Ingenerable Æon [First Logos], and these are the forms which are called Angels, perpetually beholding the Face of the Father [the first Logos, or “Second God,” who stands next Deity the Inconceivable].’

“When the Occultists say that Deity is no Being, for It is Nothing—No-thing, they are more reverential than those who call God HE, and thus make of Him a Gigantic Male.

“The Deity Itself is ever concealed and called the “Hidden One.” It is connected only indirectly with Creation, and can act only through the Dual Force emanating from the Eternal Essence—which is the Supreme Hidden Logos.

“It is philosophically impossible to accept the idea of the absolute ALL creating or even evolving the Kosmos or the Universe, for absolute Unity cannot pass to Infinity, for Infinity presupposes the limitless extension of something and the duration of something; and the One ALL—like Space, which is its only mental and physical representation on the earth, or our plane of existence—is neither an object of, nor a subject to, perception. If one could suppose the eternal infinite ALL, the omnipresent Unity, instead of being in Eternity, becoming through periodical manifestation a manifold Universe or a multiple Personality, that unity would cease to be One. Therefore, it is never the Deity Itself which creates, but only Its Emanation, the Son, the Hidden First Logos, from whom all other Logoi are born, commencing with the first Seven Self-Generated Ones.

“It is not the One unknown ever-present God in Nature we must reject, but the ‘God’ of human dogma, and his humanized ‘Word.’ Man, in his infinite conceit and inherent pride and vanity, shaped that conception himself with his sacrilegious hand out of the material he found in his own small brain-fabric, and forced it upon his fellows as a direct revelation from the unknown First Cause. The Occultist, on the other hand, accepts revelation as coming from divine yet still finite Beings, the manifested Lives, never from the unmanifestable One Life.”

“How should one pray to the Spiritual Beings?” asked Ma-u. “For although they are finite they must have tremendous Powers, and if an unselfish prayer is directed towards them they can and will hear and respond?”

“Yes,” replied the Divine Messenger, “they can and do. But one should never address them with requests that have only to do with material advantages for the supplicant. The only things we may ask for are in regard to spiritual matters, such as will advance the World spiritually. With regard to material advantages, there are quite natural Laws one may put in action. But we are not concerned with those now.

“To address the Higher Beings you must never kneel down; for the act of kneeling down lowers the whole attitude of the petitioner, and brings him in attunement with the lower worlds of beings; with the material, or even lower. Therefore, the supplicant should stand upright, with arms crossed over the breast and one hand resting lightly on each shoulder. He should look UP. Furthermore, he should address his petition silently and mentally; for the spoken word issues from within outwards, and as soon as it is uttered it flows into the material realms of illusion and is lost there. It can then have material results only and, at the worst, they may be dire in the extreme, or be answered with Satanic laughter by the lower elementals if the prayer should be in connection with Spiritual conditions. The only powers that can be addressed with the spoken word are the dark beings, or the material. In order to petition the Divine Denizens of the Spiritual Realms, the prayer should be from without inwards; from the material to the Spiritual. That is the only way in which such prayers will reach the goal for which they are intended. At the same time, the supplicant should raise up his thoughts. They should go inwards and upwards, and always silently.

“Here is a Prayer which is absolutely Spiritual, and yet can have marvellous results for the good of all mankind if sincerely projected in the manner I have just described:

‘Light, Life and Love.
May the Spirit of Goodness reach out into all Space.
May the positive POWERS of these Principles overcome all negative conditions.
And may Peace Profound reign everywhere.
So mote it be.
Amén, Amén, Amén.’

“Face the East when doing this, and do it as many times each day and night as you can.

“This will help the World in general, for you will attune with the Great White Brotherhood of all the Divine and Spiritual Entities; and they will HEAR you and ACT.