The Golden Star


The Astral Fire


The living Fires abound
In all the things
That lie or move around
Upon the shining Earth,
And in the hidden Worlds
Of Inner Being.
*       *       *
They smoulder in the smallest mote,
Or glow within the Poet’s eye,
And blaze within the Heart of Love,
Or sparkle in the bright reflections
Which all good deeds irradiate
About them from Within,
And inwards from Without.
*       *       *
All brilliant Fires from God’s own Breast,
To light and guide upon the winding Path
Along which ev’ry Soul or Thing must wend its way,
Back to the Source from which it fell
Within the dreaming voids of deep Illusion.

Following Neteru-Hem, Ma-u and Ma-uti ascended a hill, and when they reached the top, a wonderful landscape lay spread before and around them.

Bathed in the golden radiance, several beautiful white marble Temples rose up in all directions and in the distance a circle of fairy-like castles was silhouetted on the horizon, floating, as it were, in golden transparent clouds of aureate haze.

Bright yellow flashes shone forth when a ray of light struck the golden ornaments with which the buildings were decorated in exquisite and choice designs, and green, blue and red flames leapt from the thousands of blazing jewels which covered the fabric of the wondrous structures; a carnival of pyrotechnical delight.

Terraces, and lovely gardens full of flowers bewitched the eyes; and softly splashing fountains murmured mystic songs and rose up golden in the air, to fall like sprays of shining gems within their basins.

Singing birds did chant their songs of jubilation and of joy; and peacocks, birds of paradise, and butterflies bedecked with shining greens and blues and reds deluged the senses with rapture.

“How lovely!” breathed Ma-uti, overcome by the felicity of all this glory.

“Where are we now?” asked Ma-u.

“This is the Prince-dom of the Rulers in the World of Astral Fire. Sacred and inviolable in its Purity it lies between the lower Astral Worlds and the Heavenly Realms. A Holy Barrier that none but Holy Souls of Purity and Wisdom ever pass. It is cut off from earth and all the spheres below it and above, by walls of leaping flames that sear the Minds of those not qualified and blind their sight, so that, perforce, they must return to those abodes for which they are equipped by nature of their attributes of spiritual modulation. This is ordeal by Fire in the truest sense; for if a single speck of earthly dross remains within their Minds, the fiery glow will seize upon that mote and burn it up. They shall not pass when so disqualified.”

The advent of Neteru-Hem and his companions had evidently been noticed, for the golden doors of the main Temple swung open and a small group of venerable-looking priests in golden robes came out into the open and proceeded towards the hill where the Messenger and Ma-u and Ma-uti gazed upon the scene before them.

“Hail, Divine Messenger, and twice hail to his friends!” said the foremost of the priests, raising a hand in greeting.

Neteru-Hem bowed and introduced the pair, whereupon the whole party went towards a marble terrace in front of the main Temple and took seats, whence they could see all the surrounding gardens and the avenues that led from the Temple towards the other buildings and beyond.

A solemn bell struck seven chimes, and, when the last sound had died away, a procession of youths and maidens issued forth from the main entrance of the Temple. Dressed in white they were, carrying wreaths of roses and sprays of lovely flowers in their hands. Never before had Ma-u and Ma-uti seen beings so happy and so beautiful. An Essence of utter purity, love and goodness, seemed to stream out from them with an aura of golden rays, as if they were alight within. Proceeding towards the gardens the procession broke up, and they followed the paths towards the fountains, arbours, and flowerbeds; filling the air with happy talk, and lighting up the atmosphere with their presence.

“These are the new arrivals who have just crossed the flames, after spending thousands of incarnations upon earth, learning their lessons of material experience. They rest here for a while before passing on to the higher Realms and the Mysteries of the Unknown.”

Thus spoke the Chief Priest, and Ma-u and Ma-uti were surprised that he looked so young, although he had such a dignified bearing. When they had first seen him from the hill-top they thought that he was an elderly man, but upon closer acquaintance he and his companions had all the same look of youth as the beings who now filled the gardens with delight. As if he could read their thoughts, he continued: “There is no such thing as age or time in these regions. Those who penetrate here have had millions of mortal and Astral years of experience and life. But time, such as we once knew it, is but an illusion, the same as light or darkness. There is no night here—but always bright and untroubled day, such as you now behold.”

Heavenly singing sounded from within the Temple, voices of liquid gold rang forth, accompanied by an organ pouring forth harmonies such as never were heard on earth. The music raised the soul to highest ecstasy, and streams of soft colours rose up above the Temple, spreading out in drifting clouds of glory across the sky. The flowers responded to these celestial vibrations, for they too were of a nature entirely different from earthly vegetation, and a sweet redolence streamed out from their resplendent blooms and filled the air with an aroma of mystic incense.

“Oh,” sighed Ma-uti, “I should like to stay in this marvellous place forever!”

“My child,” replied Neteru-Hem, “this is but a foretaste of Heaven. These regions are still subject to form and structure, though not of an entirely material nature; all being subject to the Laws of Spiritual Vibrations, which are entirely different from material vibrations and hard to understand. Do not confuse these regions with those of the earthly and Astral worlds. For there all is subject to slower material vibrations, due to spirit-force flowing through the sun. There, also, the Minds of all the inhabitants are slaves to Illusion, whilst here all is actuality and not a dream within a dream. The only imagination here is the imagination of God, and not that of incarnated mortals, or mortals drifting between incarnations. Those who penetrate here have done with all material things, unless they wish to return to earth in order to lead, help, and serve humanity along its painful path. In such cases they can either return to earth and be born again, or they can use their spiritual body and either serve in the Astral Worlds, and assist its temporary dwellers there, or they can direct and inspire such mortals as they wish to lead. In this way they act as a link between the spiritual and material states of existence, when they have reached a state of wisdom equal to that of the Sons of God who first came to earth to instruct mankind.”