The Golden Star


The Great Light


Hail to the Light!
From which all Manifested Realms
Sprang into Being at God’s Behest.
Its Crystal Clearness Blest
And mirrored in the shining Glory
Of all that lives on Earth,
And in the Upper Regions of the Spirit.
*       *       *
It ever rises in Effulgence Bright,
As step by step the Soul and Mind ascend
The Golden Stairway to the Source
Of Holiness and Wisdom;
Shedding the Shadows, one by one.
*       *       *
Until in limpid, lucid Purity,
Transparent silv’ry Dawn does break
Upon the Essence of the Inner Source
Of Being; and glowing Symphonies
Of Sound and Colour glamour
In a Blaze of vast Illumination . . .
Hail to the LIGHT!

Whence falls the Word, unspoken, within the slumb’ring Mind; and wakes with lightning Flash the Dreamer?

Whence comes the Holy Vision; when Heaven opens wide its Golden Gates and floods the trembling Soul with Radiance Sublime?

Whose is the Velvet Touch upon the glowing cheek that calms the stormy Mind?

Whose are the flutt’ring, downy Wings that waft caress of Fragrant Benediction on the Thinker’s Brow?

Why is the noon-sky’s purest blue a mirror of the shining sun-webs spun on Angels’ loom?

Whence come the thoughts, like rosy, fleecy clouds on summer’s breeze, that float within the vaults of all our Meditations?

Whence comes the Inspiration that like a beauteous Rose unfolds upon the World of all our Dreams?

Till Thoughts and Dreams do blend with all the Spirits of Imagination—drifting by in evening sky like swarms of birds upon the wing; who, sailing swiftly in the glow of sunset’s glory come swooping down in multitudes, till all the air is whirring with the pulsing beat of myriad wings a-joying; or rise up nimbly in great shoals towards the stars in vast velocity of exaltation.

Thus stood Ma-u and Ma-uti, lost in speculation by the Holy Well, when Neteru-Hem had ended his discourse. The Guardians had long since put away the sacred Drinking Cups and stood beside the White Cypress, their presence a silent blessing as it seemed, and in the Well the Living Waters swirled and sparkled and gleamed with life. They were surrounded by the glory of that beautiful region of the Astral Fire; so pure and clean and full of delight; a living beauty underneath the ethereal and golden canopy of Heaven, as if the whole of those Realms were placed within the heart of a spiritualized Sun which cleansed without burning, and was Life itself. A Paradise indeed; with many paths that wound their way through palmy fern and waving branch in every tint of fresh young green, or drowned in apple-bloom; exalted by the piety of Heaven’s Hosts and Love Eternal. A boundless landscape full of Radiance; and treasures rich in colour everywhere. And as in silent awe they gazed about, a greater radiance began to fill the sky. A brighter effluence of that bright golden Essence spreading luminosity till all began to shine in keen, electric, bluish-white; luciferous, pellucid, splendidly scintillant, so strong that both Ma-uti and Ma-u cried out and had to shade their eyes and cover them with both their hands. But still the glowing, blazing, argent flame increased in power and seared the brain with dazzling beams of fulgid silvery splendour.

“Oh, Messenger, it is too much,” sobbed Ma-uti at last.

“Be calm, my children,” answered he, and laid cool hands upon their brows.

Miraculously, the pain caused by that unbearable brightness ceased, and presently the two opened their eyes and found that all the Region of Astral Fire had vanished. There was nothing but LIGHT. They seemed to be standing upon it and leaning against it and even be part of it, for it went right through them as if they were made of crystal. The effect was indescribable and beautiful. Within the white radiance every shade and tint of colour imaginable could be seen; yet—all was White! And every colour had its being in a note of sweetest music; and all the notes did blend in softest harmony and seemed to live in superconsciousness of Being. On every vibration of the Cosmic Scale rang out a coloured sound which floated in that Great White Light, or dashed with lightning speed in every direction; as if a shining star with myriad points had burst and every point became a mile-long silver spear—thrown by the Gods themselves.

Sweet and clear the sounds rang out, like silver bells and golden; or mellow organ tones; or tinkling lyres with dulcet-sounding strings; or swift glissandos on vast harps, each with a million chords, all tuned in harmonies seraphic, diffused in vivid rays of animated splendour.

The Zaguan of Heaven! The true Portal!!

A Kaleidoscopedia of Celestial Radiance; an exhibition of LIGHT as an organic whole in a range of splendid hues unknown to Man—who can only see reflections of this glory; a variety of diaphanous and beautiful colours and symmetrical forms: surging like roseate fish within a sea of living Fire.

“Behold the Light,” said Neteru-Hem, “the goal of every seeker. It is the same as Darkness, the two, being identical in themselves, are divisible only in the human Mind.

“It has been said that Darkness adopted Illumination in order to make itself visible. And Eastern Occultism teaches that Darkness is the one true Actuality, the basis and Root of Light, without which the latter could never manifest itself, nor even exist. Light is Matter, and Darkness true Spirit. Darkness, in its radial, metaphysical basis, is subjective and Absolute Light; while the latter in all its seeming effulgence and glory is really a mass of shadows, as it can never be eternal and is simply an illusion. But this teaching applies to the light of the Earth, and not to the Great Light you now behold.

“In Genesis light is created out of darkness—‘and darkness was upon the face of the deep’—and not vice versa. ‘In him [in darkness] was life; and the life was the light of men.’

“This may explain the verse in the Gospel of John that says: ‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not.’ The word ‘darkness’ here does not apply to man’s spiritual eyesight, but indeed to Darkness, the Absolute, that comprehendeth not transient Light, however transcendental to human eyes. But this is only one explanation.